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Friday, September 3, 2010

Liquid Funds Could Run Right Out the Library Door

The Governor is making it easier for local government officials to demand that local libraries yield their unspent funds to help reduce local property taxes. So, pray tell, why aren't the Trustees busy looking for ways to make good use of the money we have before we lose it? The Trustees are, after all, the community's advocates for the library, right? Why would they be bickering over picayune pizza expenditures and arguing over whether to pave then paint or pave and paint?

Instead, the Board of Trustees freed up $311,000 from a long-term financial instrument and placed the funds into a sweep account linked to the library's checking account. And then they delayed discussion of taking the library's "idle funds" until the Wednesday after Election Day.

I'm sure this is all a coincidence.

Add your comments on how you'd spend the $300k? My choice? How about a wonderful new computer lab with prepaid subscriptions to all sorts of resources?


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  2. While a computer lab does sound like a lovely idea, I also believe the library needs to invest funds to generate additional funds.

    I envision a library cafe, where patrons can enjoy a beverage and a snack, the proceeds of which would benefit the library's expansion and operating budget. In fact, the perfect spot would be at the location about which the "pave or paint / pave AND paint" polemic is being waged.

    The footprint for the production of food and brew could be small enough that the space could be used for pizza parties, teen programs, an after school study place and social gatherings safe from inclement weather.

    Dreaming on!