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Thursday, September 30, 2010

History: Elizabeth Spader Clark, Support for the War Effort, 1918

I've written several articles to date on Elizabeth Spader Clark, a local who served her country during the First World War through the YMCA in England.(See Untimely Death, Obituary, and Wedding), 

My wife spent considerable time yesterday reviewing wartime issues of The Matawan Journal looking for Ms Clark's departure for Europe and found several interesting pieces. Not only did she find an article announcing Ms Clark departure for England in September 1918, but a mention of her marching in Matawan's Fourth of July parade in 1918 in her YWCA uniform as a representative of the canteen service in France. There was also an article from August 1918 talking about Ms Clark as chair of the Jewish War Relief Committee of Keyport.

For Over Seas Service

Miss Elizabeth Spader Clark, daughter of W V Clark, left on Saturday morning for England, where she will engage in YMCA work among "our boys." Several months ago she offered her services and this week her appointed time came. On the way over she was placed at the head of a unit of fifty young ladies, one of the largest units yet sent across for this kind of work.

Matawan Journal, 12 September 1918

Matawan Journal, 22 August 1918, pg 8


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