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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bertucci's: Great, But the Glass Is Half Empty

My wife and I really enjoy Bertucci's in Hazlet. We frequently drop in for pizza, especially for their Quattro Stagioni pizza, which has four sections featuring artichoke hearts, rosemary ham, peppers, and mushrooms. Our only gripe is that their wine by the glass, already pretty expensive at $6-$8+, is now coming in a glass half full (about 5 oz). At that rate, they can get 5 glasses out of a typical 750 ml bottle. Since they are already charging more than double the market price, they could be a little less stingy and put more wine in each glass.

For example, last night my wife had a glass of Ruffino Pinot Grigio, which goes for $6.99 per glass or $27.99 a bottle at Bertucci's. Given that this Ruffino is available online between $8 and $12 per bottle and Bertucci's grosses almost $35.00 on 5 glasses of wine, they are netting over $4.00 per glass, a 57% profit. That's a bit greedy, seems to me. We're put off.


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