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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Long Neck Creek - Origin and Map

I went out today to find the source of Long Neck Creek, where it crosses Route 35, and where it merges with Whale Creek. Half of the project was checking around Cliffwood near Rose Street and County Road seeking the source of the creek. The second part of today's adventure, which I'll save for another article to follow, involved a hike down the Kavanaugh Trail.

Long Neck Creek appears to be spring fed. I found a spot near Midland Park, just across from 166 Milton Street, where the creek bubbles up. A nearly dry creek bed proceeds through a wooded area along Milton Street, with a footbridge crossing at the juncture with Gordon Street.
View from 166 Milton St
Crossing into Midland Park
Midland Park, from Milton Street
Ravine at possible origin of Long Neck Creek

The creek proceeds behind private homes along Nathan Court, then behind some warehouses near Route 35. Best I can tell, it crosses Route 35 where a guard rail and heavy reeds separate Suburban Propane and Flexi-Leasing.

Here's a map showing the route of Long Neck Creek, which I've created using Google Maps. Nothing fancy, mind you.


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