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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long Neck Creek, Aberdeen, New Jersey

When I wrote my recent article about the Route 35 water main project, I couldn't find any information online about Long Neck Creek, cited as the place along Route 35 where the deteriorated main crosses the highway. Today, while reviewing the Aberdeen Township Master Plan at the Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library, I found a State Plan Policy Map that showed the creek zoned in the Environmentally Sensitive Planning Area (PA5). [See slide 20/31 in this State Development & Redevelopment Plan (SDRP) slide show for further information about PA5 status.]

Long Neck Creek looks to originate near the end of Roosevelt near Gordon in Cliffwood. It crosses under the New York - Long Branch train tracks between County Road and Cliffwood Road. It crosses Route 35 between those same two roads and feeds into Whale Creek near the end of Lenox Road in Cliffwood.

According to a 1999 NJDEP report, the watershed drainage into Long Neck Creek once received non-source pollutants from the Anchor Glass plant.

A Federal Writers' Project map on page 2 of Township of Matawan: 1857 - 1957, a book compiled by Mrs Frank Tiemann, shows the creek as the southernmost unnamed tributary of Whale Creek. By the way: the unnamed tributary pictured on that map as feeding into Long Neck Creek is likely the stream that crosses under Matawan Avenue and passes through the woods next to MAMS.


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