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Saturday, August 8, 2009

News Updates as of 8 August 2009

  • A Matawan man was injured at the Knights of Columbus in Freehold when the railing gave way that he and others were leaning against, according to the News Transcript.
  • The editors of the Asbury Park Press are weighing in on the wrong side of the debate going on in Matawan, which is seeking an ordinance forbidding businessmen from serving on the borough council. They think that Matawan is trailblazing, but at the same time they can't understand why neighboring towns aren't following suit. Maybe because it is unconstitutional and unnecessary? I recently commented on this in this blog.
  • There are some international hackers who are placing viruses on websites with Matawan Creek prominently featured in the article. I nearly was victimized by one of those viruses the other day and I just saw another one today in my Google alerts. The first one was from Italy; this one is from Belgium. Be careful out there. If someone knows where to report these, let me know.
  • APP covered Matawan's Night Out Against Crime.
  • Time to sign up for Aberdeen Day, which will be held on 26 September at Matawan Regional High School, per Independent.
  • Matawan has joined the feasibility study regarding regionalized solid waste disposal sponsored by the Central Jersey Council of Governments, per Independent.
  • Matawan Advocate commented on the most recent Borough Council meeting. In particular, the mayor reportedly surprised everyone by initiating a discussion seeking to revise the way new businesses obtain licenses. The Advocate sees this as a first step towards encouraging business development in town. Frankly, the impromptu nature of the discussion is only the most recent in a long series of poorly considered steps that Matawan government officials call planning and development. Anyone looking at downtown Main Street can see there is no planning going on.


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