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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aberdeen Seeking $1.5 Million in Bonds

The Aberdeen Council Minutes for 4 August 2009 include public hearings on several bond ordinances seeking a total of about $1.5 million. The Council wants $952k for new computer and communications equipment, $415k for water system improvements, and $205k for sewer system improvements. Maybe someone can explain the legalese surrounding these acquisitions? Are they getting state grants, borrowing from the capital improvement fund, purchasing the equipment outright with the bond proceeds or only making a down payment? Do they plan to do all or only some of these things? I find the wording unfathomable. One thing's for sure: New bonds mean higher taxes. (Note: The watertower in the picture is in Aberdeen, Idaho, in case you were wondering.)

A resolution on Lloyd Road bus stops will be enacted by consent without discussion as one of several routine items being considered as a block. Two bus stops on Lloyd Road will be deleted and a new one on Route 34 will be added.


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