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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Katydid in the House

A katydid got into our house a few days ago and settled into our kitchen for a while. We had no idea what was making the noise, which sounded like someone clipping a fingernail about every ten or fifteen minutes inside the frame of our kitchen window. We jostled the curtains, checked the windows and floor, even took a peek into the potted plants. No luck.

He moved from the kitchen to the living room on Saturday and suddenly appeared while I was watching Monk and the UFO on Tivo last night. How appropriate is that? I put Monk on pause, got my camera and tried to get a decent photo of him. Again, no luck. Eventually I found a clear jar and a piece of thin card paper, captured him and took him outside. I set the jar out in the yard. Last I saw him, he was climbing around the rim of the jar.

My excitement for the evening.


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