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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Check Out Your Footing As Well As Your Shoes

NJ Transit has an interesting new poster in its train passenger safety series. "Don't Forget to Check Out Your Shoes" takes a classic approach, showing three women in skirts and high heels from some bygone era making the treacherous leap across the "gap" from train to platform. Nicely done.

I have to point out the strip of finished walnut or oak along the platform edge. That may be the most surreal part of the poster. I guess Public Relations couldn't be caught projecting to the public an image of what the real platforms look like? Let's just say there is no one out there to polish the trim. But it is fantasy art, so what the heck.

I slipped once while boarding an icy Amtrak train at Metropark. I didn't carelessly step into the gap. My rear leg went almost completely down the gap when my front foot slipped on an icy patch just inside the train car. I ended up with a nasty gash and significant bruising on my lower shin. The conductor was kind enough to bring me ice from the dining car to keep the bruising down. Just keep in mind that it isn't always stepping directly into the gap that is an issue. Be sure of your footing inside the train.

I enjoy the art and encourage NJ Transit to continue to promote safety consciousness.


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