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Monday, August 10, 2009

Matawan's Fr3sh Competed in America's Best Dance Crew

Fr3sh, a Matawan dance group, competed in Season 4 of America's Best Dance Crew on MTv on Sunday. They ran into stiff competition right from the start and were soon out of the running. There's a video blog at MTv recapping their tearful departure from the show.

Check out VEVMO, which provides a nice summary of each dance crew competing on the show. This is what they had to say about Fr3sh:

Fr3sh started in 2003 in Matawan, New Jersey. Founded by Adrian Causing, Fr3sh started as a group of friends dancing for fun. It has since evolved into a huge dance company. These seven dancers are the backbone of the company and are ready to take on America's Best Dance Crew.

The members have a variety of training, including jazz, ballet and hip-hop but they are not interested in dancing with the same precision as they were previously taught. Cindy says that one thing that makes their group unique is their "ridiculous and silly" moves, and that's what will help them win this competition. Leslie thinks that other dance crews take themselves too seriously, but you can expect the opposite from Fr3sh.

While they are all passionate about dancing, they think the most important thing is to have fun. The members of Fr3sh combine their professional training with a sassy and lighthearted attitude to show how much fun dancing can be if you let it happen naturally.

It looks like that might be a winning combination; they won first place in the 2008 East Coast Dance Competition in Washington, D.C., which helped put them on the map and allowed them to be featured in many performances and competitions around the country. They've proven they can work a crowd and they are going to try to win over all of America in order to be known as the "best."


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