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Friday, August 14, 2009

A Glass of Wine Might Help

NJ Transit left us in the dark at South Amboy tonight to await the next train to Matawan. Everyone was so pleased, especially after the train had left Newark over ten minutes late and jerked around like the engineer had never driven before.

The train behind us was the express to Matawan. Everyone on that train was equally excited about their evening's train ride. They were delayed because the express can't pass the local. Instead, it has to wait for the local at each stop between Newark and Matawan. So deboarding the local and joining those folks on the "express" was probably just the thing to make everyone's evening complete.

Well, there was the guy on my train dodging the conductor in order to avoid paying the fare. He was an interesting side show and made my evening even more complete. He was doing pull ups from the overhead rack. And he reached into the trash bin all the way up to his armpit, just to find a seat check to try to fool the conductor with. Never trust the idiots with baseball caps on backwards, especially when they're doing chin ups on the train.

I'm going out for a glass of wine.


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