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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Soloist

I'm hoping to see The Soloist this weekend with my family. Robert Downey, Jr plays an LA Times journalist who befriends a talented but homeless cellist (Jamie Foxx) in a true story brought to the big screen. It's being heavily promoted, but it looks like a good movie anyway.

I belatedly listened this morning to a podcast of Michael Caine being interviewed on NPR's Leonard Lopate Show as part of its April 7 2009 broadcast. They discussed Caine's latest film -- Is Anybody There? The character played by the boy from Son of Rambow -- Bill Milner -- spends an uncomfortable amount of his youthful days at a home for the aged run by his parents. Caine has just entered the home due to a case of Alzheimer's disease. The movie tells the story of how the old man and the young boy gradually reconcile their individual struggles with each other's help. I'd love to see it -- it got great reviews -- but it's showing nowhere close. I guess it will end up being a Netflix if Red Bank never picks it up. You can hear the NPR broadcast here.


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