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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Out for Drinks and Drained of Cash

We were at McDonough's in Keyport the other day and they charged me $8.25 for a Jack Daniels on the rocks. Is that outrageous or what? I'm usually a beer drinker, so this Jack on ice was a special occasion for me. But oh what a surprise when I saw the bill. I guess I'm not velocitized to such a high price for liquor. This is Keyport, right?

My daughter was going to order a Black Velvet, which is a mixture of Guiness and hard cider, but she backed off when the bartender warned her that she would have to charge her for both a Guiness and a hard cider to make the drink -- again $7 or $8 for a drink. The barkeep could have at least offered to make two drinks out of it.

My wife wisely ordered a ginger ale. She was the designated driver.

In these hard times, when people really need a good stiff drink once in a while, it shouldn't break the bank to go out to the local pub. We really like visiting McDonough's, but even Happy Hour isn't safe ground when it comes to unhappy surprises. It's easy to order something that costs full price, and full price can be a significant chunk of change. I've never had to do this before, but I guess I'll have to quiz the bartender each time I order to see how much my drink order will set me back. Caveat emptor!


  1. Yikes! To stiff for me. I'll stick to the VFW.

  2. Wow! A nice Jack and Coke is my favorite drink on the rare occasion that we get to go out somewhere for a drink. That's way to steep. I wonder what the difference would have been if it had simply been a "whisky and coke". Usually cheaper for the off brands (but certainly not as good!).

  3. I'm used to higher prices for the "real stuff," but three drinks will buy you a whole bottle of Jack. What ever happened to $3.50 rum & Coke and $5.00 premiums? Of course movies are now over $10, so maybe I should stop going out for drinks, too? I've slowed down my movie outings, watching films on HBO instead. The library is looking better and better for a way to get out of the house, but they're just not open late enough in the evening.

  4. Me, Granola Mom and one of the crunchy bunch went to Monsters vs Aliens and tickets were $43. Seem like every thing is going up, except the rate of pay. As for the library I just hope they can hold on to the money they have been saving.

  5. Did you go to an Imax theatre? You paid more than $14 a ticket! Where did you get gouged like that?

  6. We go over to the Hazlet Multi-Plex and sometime we go to Strathmore Twin Cinema. I like Strathmore better but they never seem to have the movies i want to see. Is there an IMAX theater around here?