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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library's 2009-2012 Strategic Plan Released

The Matawan Aberdeen Public Library has posted its 2009-2012 Strategic Plan on the Library Information page of its website. I encourage you to support your library by perusing this meticulously formulated yet heart-warming product.

For a taste of the report, here's the library's vision, mission, and basic goals and objectives:


The Matawan Aberdeen Public Library will partner with individuals and the community in search of a better life for all.


The Matawan Aberdeen Public Library, the community’s hometown library, provides resources to help people realize their dreams.

Goals and Objectives to Help Achieve the Vision for the Library

During the next few years, the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library Board of Trustees and staff will focus on the following key goals to help achieve the vision and mission.
  • Develop a great library collection
  • Create a warm, friendly and satisfying library experience and facility
  • Build community through the library
  • Support lifelong learning, information literacy and educational support
  • Create a modern library infrastructure that assists in achieving the vision and goals


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