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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pizza and a Beer at the Kat Shack

After an hour or so at the Matawan Starbucks, my wife and I decided to pop across Main Street to the Kat Shack for a pepperoni pizza and $2 Yuengling drafts. The service was first rate, the pizza was good, and the tab was only about $12. The bar-sponsored softball team was back from Middletown to celebrate a huge victory, so they were whooping it up a bit down front. And the eighteen seats at the five-sided bar were filled with an assortment of customers.

We sat at one of several tables for two situated around the room. We could see about a dozen big screen televisions from where we were sitting. There was a fireplace, skylights to bring in the sun, and lots of light from the windows. The Kat Shack is all new construction, with some brickwork and a light wood floor. I saw maybe nine beers on tap, including my favorites Guiness, Yuengling, and Stella Artois.

There is a pool table in one corner and darts in the other, probably for the slower times. I'm not sure anyone could level a cue stick or throw feathered projectiles with as many people in the room as there were today. A guitar stood on a stand next to a table and stool near the side door, but no one came up to play while we were there. It was Sunday afternoon and such entertainment is usually later in the day I'm sure. Rhyme & Reason performs there from time to time.

I saw a few hostile comments about the bar at Topix, but the criticisms are unwarranted and probably some sort of provocation. I've stopped in twice and the clientele, while a bit noisy at times, were always polite and fun-loving. The barkeep was very friendly and helpful. I don't imagine anyone is discussing Chaucer around the bar, but conversation was animated and there were plenty of smiles on people's faces. My only criticism: the vaulted ceiling could probably do with some noise suppression panels to reduce the din when things get noisy.

I'll be dropping in again. Be sure to check out the Kat Shack.


  1. This is the same owner as Fat Kat's Tattoos in Keyport, isn't it? They have a great place there - very clean and friendly. I will have to stop in at the Shack and check it out.

  2. To me that place will always be the Town Tavern. I had my first beer there.

  3. If you ask about the store's relationship to Fat Kat's, let me know what you find out. I never went into Town Tavern. I always thought for some reason that it must be a hangout for the firemen next door. I never felt the urge to go in, but the new construction finally drew me into the Shack. And I didn't see any firemen. ;-)