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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aberdeen to Raise Liquor License Fees, Build COAH Housing in Cliffwood Beach

When Aberdeen Town Council meets on Monday 20 April 2009, there will be a public hearing on a revision to the General Ordinances Section 6-3, which deals with alcoholic beverage control licenses. A public notice posted in the Asbury Park Press said the Council plans to raise the fee for liquor licenses by 20%. The Council will have its regular meeting immediately after the workshop meeting beginning at 7pm at town hall.

Affordable Housing Alliance is proposing construction of a COAH qualified house at 817 North Concourse in Cliffwood Beach, according to the agenda for the Aberdeen Zoning Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday 22 April 2009. The meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm at town hall. Plans to construct a house at 329 Fairfield Way (across from Veterans Park, at the corner of Fairfield Way and Cliffwood Avenue in Cliffwood Beach), where a house was demolished at the request of the township due to deficiencies, will also be discussed.

The map below marks the 817 N Concourse location with a red icon; the Fairfield Way address can be found on the same map, down and to the left, south along Cliffwood Avenue.

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