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Monday, April 13, 2009

Could Old Bridge HS Really Have A Matawan Address?

Is Old Bridge High School really in Matawan??! It's a different county, for heaven's sake. Seems to me it is deep in Old Bridge Township, but hey, I could be wrong. If it is just a mailing address, how could any reasonable person make OBHS put Matawan on all its mail? I thought that some hack job called Edline had gotten it wrong, but that turned out to be the school's actual website. I guess they would know their own address.

I did some research this evening and got more and more worked up. I wasn't so concerned that Local School Directory and School Matters might have gotten the town wrong -- as if they mattered anyway. It would have been no surprise that Merchant Circle didn't have a clue, or that Digital Sports had it wrong. Even though City Data had a map that clearly shows the school in Middlesex County, they had seemingly gotten it wrong, too. I wasn't surprised that Great Schools didn't seem to know that Old Bridge was in Middlesex County. But I was really surprised that Monmouth University's Go MU Hawks site thought that one of their track members had graduated from Old Bridge HS in Matawan. And the big class reunion site Classmates thought so too. And even My Central Jersey had seemingly gotten it wrong too.

But it was me. I got it wrong, I guess. Me and Wikipedia. And Rate My Teachers. I guess I have to accept this new reality. And MU tracksters Gibbs (OBHS) and Kloc (MRHS) have to reconcile the fact that they both somehow went to high school in Matawan.


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