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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Board Accepts Warren's Resignation; Seeks Aberdeen Candidate to Fill Term

The Independent has published a colorful update on Joey Warren's resignation from the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District's Board of Education. The BOE met on 27 September 2010, at which time they accepted his resignation with dissent from Martin Ruprecht related to the board's commendation of Joey's service. Charles Kenny, President of the Board, highlighted Joey's finer points in a quote to the newspaper.

“Mr. Warren had what I characterized as a unique perspective,” Kenny said. “Sometimes he was characterized as brash; however, Mr. Warren did have an ability to direct issues in the district with the goal of education. Much of his interest in the board was to implement policies which fostered student achievement, increased test scores and increased student performance.”

I would point out that Joey was elected in April 2009, not 2008 as suggested in The Independent. His replacement would complete an unexpired term through April 2012.

BTW: While looking for Joey's page at the district website, I noticed that the links to board member pages are rife with technical difficulties. The Members page shows only 4 member name hyperlinks down the left column. Presumably the rest of the names are below the visible area of the screen. Mr Kenny's page shows 8 members down the left side. Elizabeth Hayward gets only 4 members. Pat Demarest's page also shows 4 members, but there are traces of a couple more hidden behind the black Schoolwires banner, which is obscuring names. I recommend that the BOE have the webmaster look into this.


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