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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bagelicious Bagels and Deli

Boy was I wrong about the old Rita's on Rte 34. I went back to take this pic. Funny how a glance can create such a chimera. (My wife asked me to use that word in a sentence.) So it's Bagelicious, not Bagel Den. Oops!


  1. Can't wait for them to open. I heard their bagels are out of this world. They are made with new York water. Hope they open soon.

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  3. You are quite wrong Pat. They are open and they are every bit the best they claim to be. The place is beautiful inside. Super clean, nothing like the other bagel places in the area. They make the bagels using NY water and bake them on premise daily. The muffins are amazing. The panini sandwiches are to die for. The staff is polite, friendly, helpful and eager to please. You should definitely give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

    P.s. I think it was the lax approach of the township that caused the delay in opening.

  4. You stumbled on an older post. I wrote a January 2011 update to say that Bagelicious is now open.

    Your unbridled praise of this bagel shop is a bit suspicious. Are you sure you're not an owner or investor? Readers should keep in mind that I've not been to this place myself and have made no comment, good or bad, so far. To date I've only remarked on its stalled opening, but that's all water under the bridge. Whether it is New York water under that bridge, now that's another matter.

    BTW, I have to mention that while at Staples in Hazlet this evening, the cashier rang up an empty water bottle and put it on my bill. He had asked if it was mine and I had told him no, but that didn't really matter. I imagine he was thinking about his mid-terms or something, because his mind was certainly not on selling me my printer cartridges.

  5. I dropped in at Bagelicious today and picked up a couple of bagels and coffee. The place is quite nice and the food was great. I had a bagel with eggs, cheese, and pork loin. It was a special price and tasted great. I picked up a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese for my wife. The coffee was very good, too. The counter attendant was extremely patient as I picked what I wanted to eat and asked for all sorts of explanations about their products. I'd give them a thumbs up. Remember that the new bagel shop is located where Rita's used to be.

  6. Hi Pat, I found your blog. Just wanted to thank you for your patronage of Bagelicious. I hope your latest visit was satisfactory and hope you enjoyed your lunch. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks again.

    Jim Toto

  7. We had a nice meal, thanks. We had brunch for four and sat in your comfy chairs and talked a while. Ritas was a walk-up, so I never realized how much room was in there.