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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy's Wrath at Cliffwood Beach - Photos

Cliffwood Beach took a big hit along the shore road and seawall. Mayor Fred Tagliarini and Councilman Greg Cannon visited my home and made sure our power outage and downed power line were reported to JCP&L. We're expecting power maybe next Thursday.

Macadam broken near Treasure Lake at seawall.

New sidewalk and rail looks fine at Cliffwood Beach. This view is east from Treasure Lake towards Keyport, which suffered greatly.

This view of the seawall is towards Cliffwood Beach. (west from Treasure Lake)

Macadam near seawall undercut by waves that crossed the seawall.

The new stone placed with the seawall sidewalk project was tossed twenty feet into the grass, a sign that the Raritan Bay created waves of 30 feet or more to cross the seawall.

The west end of the Cliffwood Beach seawall is stripped of its sand covering. Looks like it was sandblasted. Debris from the bay covers the sidewalk but isn't an obstruction to walking.

The west end of the seawall at Cliffwood Beach.

Cliffwood Beach from the west end of the seawall, looking west towards Laurence Harbor.

West end of the seawall has no more sand covering. The nearby beach is also stripped bare.

The west end of the seawall from the shore road.

The shore road at Cliffwood Beach is covered in sand. The guard rails were torn apart. All phone poles were either topped off or totally destroyed. Wires and transformers are mixed in sand and seawater..

Lakeshore Drive in Cliffwood Beach is buried in sand. Whale Creek bridge to Middlesex County in distance.

Lakeshore Drive toewards Midnight Point neighborhood of Cliffwood Beach.

The Raritan Bay formed a streambed towards Lakeshore Drive.

Pumping station near Greenwood Avenue in Cliffwood Beach.

Utility road off Greenwood Avenue is blocked by a tree.

The house closest to the water, at the corner of Greenwood Avenue and West Concourse, was flooded. Note the metal fence is grossly shredded by wave action. A number of houses on that end of West Concourse took in water in basements.


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