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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oklahoma Baptists to the Rescue on NJ Bayshore in Wake of Sandy

A hundred Baptists from Oklahoma came rushing to New Jersey's Raritan bayshore to help us with downed trees and muddy, flooded basements in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. This team was based out of a Baptist church in Middletown and expected to be in the area for a couple of weeks.

I stopped by one of their first work sites in Cliffwood Beach to seek help. They were at a scene of absolute devastation at the corner of Cliffwood Avenue and Greenwood Avenue. The workers were like ants, cutting tree branches and trunks and hauling and moving the remains of a large tree that had crushed at least two roofs when it fell. A woman took my information and within days they were in my backyard, dealing with a tree that had damaged my roof and gutters and continued to menace my home. It was still attached to the trunk and leaning hard against the deck, ready to fall. It threatened to kill or injure any unfortunate soul who got under it and to crush my deck if not taken down properly. They did a great job.

Here are some photos of them at work.

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  1. Big goings on down at the beach. They've cleaned up a lot. But it worries me that they're slicing away what's left of the established dune in a wide length along the guard rail, exposing the roots system of the dune plants. That seems like the exact wrong thing to do, doesn't it? They might be reconfiguring the road itself, I don't know. ButI hate to see that dune fiddled with though. ITs done its job well and should be left alone, if you ask me, though no one will. : )