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Friday, November 23, 2012

Matawan-Aberdeen School Board Write In Election Results Remain Incomplete and Inaccurate at County Website

The Monmouth County Clerk continues to display preliminary results for the 6 November 2012 elections as of 21 November. After more than two weeks, why don't we have official results?

So far, the preliminary data on school board write in results are not only delayed, they are incomplete and wrong. They display the Matawan 3-year slot results as if they were the Aberdeen 1-year results. As a consequence, the site has no heading for Matawan's 3 year slot and displays no results for the Aberdeen 1 year slot. See below for the erroneous posting as of Wednesday afternoon.

Matawan-Aberdeen Reg BOE (Aberdeen) (1Yr Unexp)
13/13 100.00%
Under Votes 6144
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
Write-In 181 57.28%
- James Shea (Write-In) 56 17.72%
- Kathleen Gentile (Write-In) 79 25.00%
Total 316 100.00%

The Matawan-Aberdeen Patch reported that Kathleen Gentile was running as a write-in candidate for the Matawan 3-year slot being vacated by Gerald Donaghue. Gentile is a Matawan resident and ineligible for the Aberdeen slot.

Even if Aberdeen residents incorrectly wrote her in, why are there no posted results for Matawan and no posted results for any of the Aberdeen write in candidates? I hope the county gets their act together soon and gives us our BOE write in election results, official or otherwise.

UPDATE (27 Nov 2012)

The preliminary results have been updated at the Monmouth County Clerk's website.

The one-year unexpired term as an Aberdeen representative on the school board looks to have been won by Joelle Nappi with 91 votes (21%). Art Perri came in a close second place with 82 votes (19%), followed by Pat Phillips with 49 votes (11%) and L William Lamb with 17 votes (4%). 192 write in votes (45%) were not elaborated upon by the county clerk, presumably because voters chose to write in Mickey Mouse, themselves, et al. If there is some other reason behind nearly half the votes not being attributed to particular candidates, such as voter errors or machine errors, I wonder if and how that might possibly come to light?

Check the updated and as yet still unofficial results here.

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  1. Updated results are in for the 1-year write-ins for the Aberdeen slot on the Mat-Ab BOE.