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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Eve and NJ Transit

Ah! The Jersey Coast commuter has to be a hearty soul. Holiday eve and our train left NYP 20 min late then developed mechanical difficulties at Secaucus and was eventually terminated at Newark. So we needed another train but NYP suddenly developed indefinite signal problems. At this point NJT is seeking a spare train in the yard to take us to the shore. If that happens, we'll be the only westbound train on the tracks. How cool is that? I'm trying to remain positive. The train approacheth. Supposedly. ... I feel like I'm in Trains, Planes and Automobiles 2.

UPDATE: My commute home on the night before Thanksgiving ended up taking slightly over 3 hours when it should have been about half that. To be fair, this commute was a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy and the system has had many problems. Then again, investment in public transportation is embarrassing low, so these problems aren't simply a result of a bad storm.


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