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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to Make Off With the Donut Money? Not Really

Keansburg PD did a nice job of thwarting an after-hours burglary at Dunkin Donuts in their town around 10 pm on Sunday night. The police told APP that a local couple carefully planned an inside job at the woman's place of work. The woman put a change of men's clothes and a walkie talkie in their baby carriage and left it behind an abandoned house, then went to work at the donut shop as usual. The man dressed in camouflage and lurked behind the store until closing. The woman finished her shift at closing time, quickly retrieved the baby-carriage and returned to the store. They entered the rear of the store, opened the safe and took the money, but the police had staked out the place based on a tip and were able to stop the thieves in their tracks. The police are to be congratulated on some fine work. The couple had left their child with a neighbor, so social services were looking into that situation. I'm not sure what they planned to do with the $5,000 they intended to abscond with, but it doesn't seem worth all the trouble and time they'll likely serve.


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