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Monday, November 14, 2011

History: USS Solar Explosion at Leonardo (1946)

The 2 May 1946 edition of The Matawan Journal contains details of the local response to the "disastrous blast of the USS Solar at the Leonardo pier area of the Earle Naval Ammunition depot." After the initial response from US Naval and Middletown authorities, first aid squads from 35 communities responded to a call for assistance, including local squads from Matawan, Keyport, Union Beach, Laurence Harbor, and Keansburg. 125 injured sailors were taken to area hospitals. 7 sailors lost their lives in the explosion.

The Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA) has a web page on the incident, including photographs and transcriptions of New York Times articles about the incident..Wikipedia tells the history of the ship,which was officially designated DE-221.


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