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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Divided Highway Redux: Route 9 Reminiscent of Route 35

It's been a long time since Route 35 between Laurence Harbor and Keyport was called Death Highway because it had no concrete barrier to keep vehicles from crossing into oncoming traffic. But I recognize the issue being raised about Route 9 between Old Bridge and Freehold in yesterday's Asbury Park Press. It was a big problem here on Route 35 until we won construction of a concrete barrier, as reported on page 30 of the 29 January 1986 edition of The Independent. Old Bridge and Aberdeen worked together to win that fight, making the installation of a barrier a political issue by collecting thousands of signatures, etc, etc.

We ride that part of Route 9 on our way to Freehold Raceway Mall and other places, so we should be supportive of the cause anyway, if only because it serves our interests. But hopefully because it is the right thing. It worked on Route 35, saving countless lives.

We can only wonder what sort of body count is required before NJDOT will do something. They probably say there is not enough money available to do it. Remember those signs "Your tax dollars at work"? Well, this is just another example of what happens when the sign reads "Your tax dollars in your pocket."


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