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Sunday, November 20, 2011

History: Bids for Addition to Matawan School Exceed Expectations, 1907

According to the 12 Sep 1907 edition of the Matawan Journal, Matawan's school board needed more space in its existing school building, which had only recently been built. They drafted a plan for an addition and solicited for bids. Board members were aghast when the lowest bid came in at over $17,000 for a job they thought should be done for $16,000. They immediately set about seeking additional money from the electorate to fund it.

Below is a description of only part of this extensive improvement to the building they had. It's amazing what they could get built for under $20,000 in those days. The article contains floor plans but they don't reproduce well for this medium.

There will be two entrances, front and rear, in the new building, which, with the entrances to the present building will afford ample facilities for the quick emptying of the building in case of necessity.

The school has always suffered for want of an assembly room and the plan shows that a room 52 x 68 feet with a stage 18 x 25 feet have been provided. This part of the building can be used for public entertainments of various kinds and be the source of a considerable revenue during the year beside being of great benefit to the school. Provision is also made on this floor for two recitation rooms and while they are not needed at the present time the board has planned for the future in providing them.

In the basement will be a fresh air room 21 x 15 feet and a foul air room the same size, allowing room for the furnace between. Should manual training ever be introduced into the school two rooms in the basement 54 x 30 feet each can be utilized, thus keeping pace with the best schools of other communities.

. . . If the building is erected from the proposed plan our community will again have a building second to none in the State and one that should fill our needs for generations to come.


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