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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Temple Shalom Hosts Showing of Gasland

Rachel Dawn Davis (left) posed with 2 members of HAQLA at tonight's showing of the film "Gasland."

Temple Shalom in Aberdeen hosted Rachel Dawn Davis, a regional representative of Food & Water Watch, for a public showing this evening of "Gasland," a documentary by Josh Fox about the environmental hazards of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The event drew about two dozen interested citizens, including members of Hazlet Area Quality of Life Alliance (HAQLA).

Things you can do to try to protect your drinking water and the environment:
  • Write to your state legislators and encourage them to vote to override Governor Christie's veto of NJ's bipartisan fracking ban ( (S2576). The bill passed the Assembly 58-11/8 back in June 2011 but was conditionally vetoed by the Governor.
  • Write to your state legislators and encourage them to support A-4231/S3049, which would prohibit the shipping or transporting into, or treatment in the State, of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing. Check out what Politicker NJ has to say about the bill.
  • Attend your next municipal council meeting and tell them your concerns about the dangers of fracking and the transportation of its waste for treatment in the state.
UPDATE: I told my wife this morning that I fully expected to receive a couple of terse anonymous replies to my blog post from people funded by the energy industry, and those posts were in my in box this evening as predicted.  I encountered the same thing when I expressed my concerns about global warming. These critics aren't just regular folk with a difference of opinion. They are sponsored. And I won't post their nonsense here.


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