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Sunday, November 27, 2011

History: Monmouth County Receipts and Expenditures, 1897-8

Asher T Applegate, Monmouth County Collector, used to publish the county's receipts and disbursements twice a year in major area newspapers. The 23 Jun 1898 edition of The Matawan Journal shows such an accounting for the period November 1897 to the end of May 1898. It happens to include full payment of county taxes for the year 1897 by Matawan Township Collector Austin F Stewart ($2,640 on 22 Dec 1897) and Matawan Borough Collector J H Horner ($8,958 on 7 Jan 1898). Middletown Township paid over $90,000 in county taxes, while Raritan Township paid $9,997 and Holmdel Township paid $7,836. Matawan's Farmers and Merchants Bank paid a $5,000 installment on a loan from the county.

New Jersey State Comptroller William S Hancock paid the county its share of the state school tax ($112,210 on 26 Feb 1898 and $12,468 on 9 Mar 1898). Mr Hancock also paid the county its apportionment of state aid for free public schools ($5,891 on 20 Dec 1897). Mr Hancock reimbursed the county one-third the cost of road construction ($11,398 on 27 Dec 1897)

Disbursements included salaries and expenses for judges, constables, coroners (J Turner Rose charged $15 total for post-mortems on 3 named individuals), board of prisoners, and freeholders, as well as expenditures for bridge, bulkhead and road repairs, bridge and road lighting, surveying, printing, drawing up of plans, legal fees, heating oil, burials, and elections.


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