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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mean Spirit of Republican Governance Goes Too Far

If you're not watching The Rachel Maddow Show, you should.


  1. what does this have to do with anything. if your going to make a political stance you should explain it.

  2. I guess the point was that if you were watching The Rachel Maddow Show, you'd understand what I meant. That was why I said that if you weren't watching it, you should.

    I often make political points in this blog. I'm actually quite blunt most of the time. I chose not to talk specifics because I thought the specifics were already in the media.

    OK, so let's talk about what Republicans are doing. There's the Republicans in Congress refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Scary stuff. Even Reagan thought playing with the debt ceiling was bad business. There's our Republican governor withdrawing funding from impoverished cities and then offering some of it back but with conditions. He pretends he's offering them something when he's only returning a bit of what he took away. And there's our Republican governor withdrawing funding from schools and then offering some of it back but with conditions. Do you see a pattern there? I do. And there's the time our Republican Governor canceled the railroad tunnel into Manhattan and disassociated our state from one of the largest federal public works projects ever contemplated. What idiocy? Why give jobs to union workers, I guess... And there are all those state assemblies with Republican majorities, like, say, in Florida, where they are tightening up the rules for presenting yourself to vote on election night. They want to make it more difficult for the majority Democrats, typically poorer than Republicans, to vote. Or how about the Republicans coming into office to fix the economy and then pulling out a long social agenda of things like fighting against women's rights, fighting gay marriage, etc, etc? But I go on.

    I realize you may even agree with me but simply wondered at the picture I posted with so little text. Sometimes a picture is a picture. Like I said, it was meant to draw your eye and make you think about watching TRMS on MSNBC weeknights at 9 pm.

  3. Wow, it is a good thing you live in good ole solid Democrat town, here in Aberdeen.

  4. you just lost a reader...

  5. Ultimately it's a personal blog. I'll have opinions that don't always jibe with yours. I'm a Liberal at heart, which should be no surprise to my regular readers. I had to say my piece about Republican, especially Tea Party, brinkmanship with the financial security of our country. It seemed time to bring it up.