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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Matawan's 7 Eleven Bites the Dust

I heard today that the 7-Eleven on Main Street in Matawan has shut its doors. It could have happened in recent weeks or months, but I just didn't notice.

I guess it can now become a full time waiting area for day laborers. To be sure, I doubt their presence crashed this business, but it certainly didn't help. The hulking remains of an old gas station next door could just as easily be blamed. Or the presence of a new Quik Chek just down the street with a much larger parking lot, a full service deli, and fresher coffee could have brought competition that 7-Eleven couldn't deal with. I know I didn't go there much anymore. I went once last winter.

Hopefully the Borough and Aberdeen Township will finally move ahead with whatever plans they might have for the railroad station area. That could deal with the multiple eyesores found there in one fell swoop.

UPDATE: There's a big sign on the building urging patrons to visit the "new" 7-Eleven at 326 Morristown Road. Google Maps sent me on a wild goose chase. Turns out the "new" 7-Eleven is actually the one that's stood for many years near the corner of Cliffwood Avenue and Laurence Harbor Parkway, across from the CVS, Exxon, and Pizza Hut. Here are some pictures:

7-Eleven near Aberdeen-Matawan train station is closed.

They are referring customers to the 7-Eleven near GSP Exit 120.
The signs outside the former 7-Eleven in Matawan tell the story of their problem with day laborer loitering.

The 7-Eleven on Morristown Road is hardly "new."


  1. there is a sign on the storefront saying to check out their new store on Morristown Road (not sure where though).

  2. There is a 7-Eleven at 326 Morristown Road, which Google Maps puts between Disbrow and Route 34, closer to Disbrow. I'll try to check it out later today and see if there is a shiny new 7-Eleven in the woods where Google says it is or if they are in that big shopping center at the corner of Morristown and Rte 34. Wherever it is, for a convenience store that isn't a logical replacement for one next to the train station. The convenient alternative, of course, is Quik Chek near the corner of Broad and Main, across from Memorial Park.

  3. Turns out the sign outside the closed 7-Eleven by the train station is simply referring patrons to the old 7-Eleven out near Garden State Parkway Exit 120, across from the CVS and near Exxon, Pizza Hut, and Quik Chek. I've add some pictures to the article. Don't try using Google Maps to find anything on Morristown Road. What a nightmare!

  4. haha! yea it's hardly new... I've been visiting the "new" 7-11 since I was like 18 (I'm 31 now). And it's not even Morristown Road! LOL. Good post! Hey how about some restaurant reviews???? That would be interesting!!!!

  5. I'll check around for a place to review. Any thoughts? Did you know that Drew's Bistro is moving to a bigger location on Front Street in Keyport? Do you know anything about Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands?

  6. Actually I just moved to Aberdeen so I don't know Drew's Bistro. I lived in Manalapan before this but I always went to that "new" 7-11 when visiting friends, but never went to Drew's Bistro.

    Oh i don't know what to review, just thought it would be an interesting addition to your blog :)

    When i moved here, I googled Aberdeen NJ and your blog came up... it's been fun to follow it, but I see all your restaurant links to the side, so I thought it might be a good idea to review some restaurants, see some pics inside for newbies to the area like myself :)

  7. oh and no I don't know about Copper Canyon... however there is a great place called 128 Bay in Atlantic Highlands.... excellent homeade food and even homeade ice cream. They make a "Whopper Malt" ice-cream- OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!