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Sunday, July 3, 2011

150-ft Telecomms Monopole to be Erected on Lenox Road in Cliffwood

Back in June 2009, Wireless Edge of New Rochelle, NY was the highest bidder in a solicitation for bids by Aberdeen Township "for lease of township lands for communication equipment," as determined by CME Associates. Wireless Edge was therefore awarded the lease, as stipulated in Aberdeen Township Resolution 2009-95. Now, two years later, Wireless Edge Westchester Group LLC plans to erect a 150 ft communications tower in a 3,354 sq ft telecommunications compound in municipal property along Lenox Road in Cliffwood, NJ, according to the public documents below.

The 25 Apr 2011 agenda of the Monmouth County Development Review Committee (DRC) said they were scheduled to review a Schedule 1130D site plan. The application (ABTSP9062) was received by Aberdeen Township on 11 Apr 2011 for Wireless Edge Westchester Group to establish a 3,354 sq ft telecommunications compound on Lenox Road.

The 15 Jun 2011 agenda of the Aberdeen Township Planning Board said they planned to memorialize site plan SP 11-503, which said Aberdeen Township would allow Wireless Edge Westchester Group to construct a 150 ft monopole and telecommunications equipment compound on its municipal property in a Priority One location in an R50 zone located at 147-149 Lenox Road (Block 307 Lot 15). The site plan was first included in the Planning Board's 18 May 2011 agenda.

Wireless Edge Westchester Group LLC and Wireless Edge Rockland Group LLC are both subsidiaries of Wireless Edge Communications, Inc, 270 North Avenue, Suite 809, New Rochelle, NY 10801. The company has been negotiating similar deals in Bloomfield, NJ; Jackson, NJ; Lakewood, NJ; Montclair, NJ; New Milford, NJ; Northvale, NJ; Gardiner, NY; Mamaroneck, NY; and Patterson, NY. They discussed such a deal with the South Jersey Transportation Authority to support the Atlantic City Expressway. They also talked to the NJ Pinelands Commission about property in South Toms River, NJ.

Back in August 2008, T-Mobile and Cingular were awarded leases to erect telecommunications equipment on municipal property housing a water tower in Aberdeen Township, per Resolution 2008-104.

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  1. I don't get it. Don't we have good enough cell service in the Aberdeen area that we don't need any more towers? It is proven they are a big reason cancer rates are so high.