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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aberdeen Asked to Squeeze In Yet Another House Where It Doesn't Fit

Check the Aberdeen Planning Board agenda for this evening. Sorry, but it's just the umpteenth time they've had someone approach the Board with a request for variances that would permit yet another house where it wouldn't otherwise fit. Nobody likes to say no, and I don't think our Planning Board is an exception.

This propety on Rose Street in Cliffwood is supposed to have an 8 foot side yard set back and only a tenth of a foot is existing. I'm not very good with mathematics, but isn't a tenth of a foot just a little more than an inch? The distance between buildings is only 4 ft when 10 ft is required. And overall coverage is 30% when only 25% is permitted.

Does the Board ever turn down such requests? When will we stop wedging in more homes? The Township ought to consider holding firm to its zoning rules and stop letting people overbuild.


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