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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aberdeen NJ Has New Online Police Blotter

Aberdeen Township Police have launched a police blotter!

A 6 Jul 2011 press release tells the story of an Amboy man who allegedly led police on a bizarre chase through Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach. He reportedly blew the stop sign at Lennox Road but didn't stop for police. Instead he fled to the seawall, where he abandoned his vehicle and attempted a murky swim across Treasure Lake. All I want to know is who washed this guy down when he got out of that silty lake?? ;-)

A 5 Jul 2011 press release tells how the Keyport driver of a Land Rover allegedly caused considerable mayhem by blowing the traffic light near McDonald's on Route 35 in Cliffwood. Keyport ran into Staten Island, flipped a couple of times, etc. What a mess!

There are more in the pile. Nice job, Aberdeen PD.


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