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Thursday, July 28, 2011

History: Professionals and Businessmen of Matawan, 1871

Below is the list of professionals and businessmen that appeared on page 2 of the 29 Jul 1871 edition of The Matawan Journal.

Business Cards

The Coffee House, Lock-port, NJ
Mrs. L. Brower, Proprietress
13 rooms yet vacant. Apply immediately. Five minutes walk from landing of steamer Matteawan. Elegantly shaded. Fine bathing.
By steamer, foot of Barclay Street, N. R.
Note: Members of the Keyport Forum at Topix say that Lockport is a section of Keyport, New Jersey. It apparently includes Cedar Street and Walnut Street at the eastern end of First Street. Barclay Street may no longer exist or has changed its name. The Keyport Fire Department's history page says one of its fire companies was established in Lockport in 1893. You won't find much about Lockport in Google. The proprietress could be Louisa Brower, wife of Johnson Brower, both living in Keyport in the 1870 Federal Census. She was born about 1828. He was a shoemaker.

George W Clarke
Tailor, One door above the M. E. Church, Main Street, Matawan
Note: The 1870 Federal Census shows George W Clark, age 43, born in England, Tailor, living in Matawan with his Irish wife Ann and NJ-born 4 year old son George W.

John N Disbrow
Constable and Auctioneer, Matawan, NJ
Attends to the collection of all claims. Order for auction sales may be left at the Matawan Journal office.
Note: The 1870 Federal Census shows John H Disbrow, age 53, born in NJ, Constable, living in Matawan with his wife Lydia and 3 children.

Dress Making
Miss Mary J Morton
At the residence of Mr. John Parker, Broad Street, Matawan.
A share of patronage is respectfully solicited.
Note: The 1870 Federal Census shows John Parker, age 25, born in NJ, Carpenter, and wife Hannah, 23, born in England, with infant Charles. It is possible that Mary is Hannah's sister and she came from England to live with the Parkers? She does not appear in Matawan in the 1870 census.

Wm. D. Bailey
Manufacturer of sashes, blinds, doors, mouldings, etc.
Main Street, Matawan
Note: Mr William D Bailey, age 30, born in New York, Manufacturer, was enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census in Matawan, along with wife Maria and 3 children.

Wm. L. Atkinson
House, Sign, and Ornamental Painter, Marbling, Graining, Glazing, etc.
Shop rear of Fountain, Horner and Seb's Store, Matawan
Warrants to stop Leaky Chimneys.
Agent for the Iron-Clad Paint.
Note: Mr William L Atkinson, age 26, born in NJ, House Painter, was enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census in Matawan, along with wife Eliza and daughter Gertrude. Three other painters lived with them at the time.

Henry J. James
Jeweler, Matawan
Fine jewelry, watches, clocks, sterling silver and plated ware.
Agent for the American Watch and Diamond Spectacles.
Suitable for holiday presents. Special attention given to the repairing of watches and jewelry.
Note: The 1870 Federal Census lists a Henry James, age 35, born in England, Jeweler, living in Matawan along with his British wife Agnes and an Elizabeth Currie, also British, also 35 years old, perhaps Agnes' sister. Also living with them was a rather wealthy Susan Bailey, 79 years old, born in Maine, with $12,000 in property and $2,000 in personal property.

Stop and enquire the price of groceries at the store of
Shepherd and Snedeker
Opposite of Fountain and Geran's, Matawan.
Preserving Cans of the latest patterns. Canned Fruits in their season. Smoked Meats a specialty.
Call and see us.
Note: The 1870 Federal Census shows a Patterson Snedeker, age 37, born in NJ, Peddler of Pottery Ware, living in Matawan with his wife Euphemia and 3 children. A Thomas Shepherd, age 43, born in NJ, Carriage Trimmer, lived with his wife Margaret and 2 children.

Professional Cards

Doct. J. G. Shackleton
Physician and Surgeon
Office at his Drug Store, Matawan,
where any variety of trusses can be had
at less than New York Prices.
Note: Judson G Shackleton was enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census in Matawan, along with his wife Cordelia and daughter Frances. Judson was a 31-year-old Physician with $10,000 in property and $6,000 in personal property.

Doct. F K Travers
Physician and Surgeon
Late partner with Dr. A. B. Dayton, dec'd.
Office next to the late residence of Doct. A. B. Dayton, dec'd.

Office hours: 7 to 8 am, and 6 to 8 pm.
Note: I didn't find Dr Travers in the 1870 Federal Census. Alfred B Dayton, age 57, born in NJ, Physician, with real property of $20,000 and personal property of $20,000, was living in Matawan in that census, along with wife Elizabeth, a 27-year old son Rensselaer, who was a lawyer, and 3 other children seemingly too young to be Elizabeth's but too old to be Rensselaer's. Perhaps they are grandchildren of a son lost in the Civil War?

J. P. Geran
Teeth extracted without pain with the Nitrous Oxide, or Laughing Gas.
Offices: opposite the Bank, Matawan; Thursdays and Fridays at Freehold, opposite the Freehold National Banking Company.
Note 1: Josiah P Geran, age 38, born in NJ, Dentist, was enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census living in Matawan along with wife Sarah. They had $5,000 in property and $2,000 in personal property. 

Note 2: The 1870 census also included a Matawan dentist named Ackerman Geran, age 44, with (second wife?) May, age 24; daughter Ann, age 16, and daughter Malissa, age 1. He also appeared in the 1880 census as a dentist in Matawan, age 53, with daughter Melissa, age 10. Ackerman Geran didn't advertise his professional services


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