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Friday, November 26, 2010

Red Bank Catholic Defeated Rumson-Fair Haven 40-14 on Thanksgiving

Rumson-Fair Haven High School, Matawan's rival for the 2010 state championship, was solidly defeated by Red Bank Catholic on Thanksgiving morning, according to APP. This is Rumson's eighth defeat in a row at the hands of RBC, who ran well against Rumson's defensive line. Check out Red Bank Green for a detailed article filled with photographs of the game.

As an aside, the APP newspaper article mentions that Rumson made a mistake three years ago, resting all of its starters against RBC in preparation for state championships against Carteret. RBC humiliated Rumson 61-0 as a result. With its 33-7 score late in the 4th quarter, Thursday's game may have chalked up less points but was only marginally less humbling for the Bulldogs.

On Saturday, I'm sure the coach will remind our Huskies to catch the ball in front of them before they turn to run for the goal. Maybe he'll point to the Bulldogs as an object lesson?


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