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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aberdeen Tree Lighting

Aberdeen Township has blocked off five hours on the evening of Thursday 2 December 2010 for a holiday festival starting at 7 pm. I can't find any information online as to what goes on at this event, much less where it is being held. I presume it is a Christmas tree and menorah lighting, maybe with some singing, snacks, etc. And presumably it will be held at town hall. But you know what happens when you presume?

Keyport had its tree lighting this evening, funded by the Keyport Council through its budgetary support of the Keyport Business Alliance. There was scant promotion of the Keyport event, just like in Aberdeen. I suppose the business community has had nothing to do with the tree lighting in Aberdeen. But, even if they were in charge of it, the Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce hasn't promoted anything since Matawan Day way back in August, so the event likely wouldn't have been promoted in any case. Hopefully someone will provide more details and soon.

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  1. The Holiday Festival takes place at town hall. The fire companies bring santa and the children can sit on his lap and take pictures. There is generally music and singing and hot chocolate and cookies. Also, the Cliffwood Fire Company will be bringing Santa around the Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach section of town on Saturday Dec. 4th. They will also be holding a Breakfast with Santa on Sunday Dec. 12th starting at 8am. You have to pay for the breakfast but pictures with Santa are free although donations are always accepted and appreciated.