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Friday, November 26, 2010

King's Speech Not Available for Mere Mortals

I was hoping to see the highly praised film King's Speech today, but it is only showing in Manhattan for now. That's utterly maddening. Red Bank is showing that guy stuck between a rock and a hard place for 127 hours. (For some middle school level humor, check out Merriam-Webster for the odd assortment of words they suggest as rhyming with crevasse. My favorites include badass, Black Mass, degas, haul ass, jump pass, and kelp bass. Future poets will want to take note.)

Colin Firth plays King George VI, a stutterer who is uncomfortably thrust into power when his brother, Edward VII, abdicates to marry a Catholic girl from Baltimore. World War II is upon England and the new radio medium puts the king in the audible spotlight, so a speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush is recruited to help George overcome this obstacle. Check out NPR's Fresh Air to read and/or hear more about the film and its director, Tom Hooper, who was recently  interviewed by Dave Davies. Davies plays an incredible clip from the film where the therapist provokes the king to claim his rightful voice.


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