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Sunday, November 28, 2010

George E Hamilton, Matawan Native, Dies in Virginia

George E Hamilton, a Matawan native, died on Wednesday in Fishersville, Virginia, according to an obituary in the central Shenandoah Valley's News Leader. The obituary says he was the son of George Dilled and Ada Marie (Ellison) Hamilton.

OneWorldTree shows a George G and Ada Marie (Ellison) Hamilton with several living children. (I suppose the G stands for Gilead, his grandfather Archibald's middle name and the obit is wrong.) The 1930 Federal Census shows George G age 17 living with his parents, Elton and Lydia Hamilton, and George's many siblings in Olean, New York. Elton was a car inspector at a car shop at the time.

It's unclear how George and Ada ended up in Matawan by the time of young George's birth on 14 September 1946. The deceased served in the US Army's military police during Vietnam. He worked for the now defunct computer printer manufacturer Genicom prior to his retirement.


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