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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cliffwood Beach - Missing Dog and Burglaries

A Cliffwood Beach (Old Bridge) family is seeking the safe return of their shepherd/lab mix, Huggle. The American Humane Society is offering a $1,000 reward for the return of the dog, which the organization suspects was stolen from the family's yard.

At the same time, Cliffwood Beach (Aberdeen) is experiencing a rash of burglaries. Aberdeen Police have alerted residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. (Sign up for CODE RED to receive such alerts.)


  1. I heard about both of these stories, and both are quite disturbing because I live in the Cliffwood Beach section of Aberdeen.

    The burglaries are particularly unsettling. I recently received the Code Red Alert notice about the rash of burglaries. I've lived in Cliffwood Beach for five years, and this is the third time this type of thing has occurred in that short period of time. Previously it was a warning about cars being broken into while they were parked on the streets or in the driveways, and also another incidence of home burglaries.

    It makes me uneasy. I understand that burglaries happen everywhere, but I do sometimes question my decision to move here. I do think that more details about the burglaries need to be released -- such as the streets or specific areas where the burglaries are happening. There was nothing in the Asbury Park Press or the Independent about it. The Aberdeen website made no mention of this either.

    Cliffwood Beach has a lot of homes. Some are more "remote" than others. I personally live on in an area where I am surrounded by homes (front, sides, and back), but those on short streets, dead ends, or wooded areas could be at a higher risk.

    I do appreciate the Code Red Alert though. It just makes me (and my family) even more aware of our surroundings. I would never think to leave my doors unlocked or windows open when I am not home, but now I am more cautious even when I am at home. We also have a Security System, and I keep in armed 24 hours a day.

    My 80 pound dog can also be a deterrent to a "would be burglar". Although she's a friendly breed, she is LARGE and has a very loud bark.

    I would have to think that a locked up home, lawn and window/door signs that indicate an alarm system, and a large dog in the home would make a burglar think twice about trying to break in. Then again, you just never know, so it is important to be vigilant about home safely and security.

  2. I was unaware of the rash of burglaries in the area until myhouse was burglarized...for the second time in as many years. The CODE RED went out as a result of the detective's disgust with our house being the 6th that had been hit.

  3. I heard bits and pieces of the ongoing burglary story from friends and neighbors, but I still don't know the extent of the problem. It would have been nice to have a clearer idea of the local trend before they jimmied my back window open and entered my house. I guess we're in the same club.

    Maybe the cops have good reason for keeping the details to themselves and saying nothing about the burglaries? Or maybe they prefer not publicizing the details but simply can't ignore the situation anymore? New Jersey crime statistics are a slippery beast, the subject of a current Huffington Post article.

    I wish our police department would issue occasional reports to the local community revealing crime statistics and their interpretation of trends. The Aberdeen PD website has some helpful hints on burglar-proofing your home but no public statements or reports. They submit their stats to Trenton but not to us, then the state interprets the data for us. I suppose that's the norm, but the norm could be much, much better.