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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Grand (Jury) Day

I went to Freehold on Friday for grand jury duty. I didn't end up having to serve, but being empaneled could have been a big investment in both time (They want you one day a week for 18 weeks) and emotions (Friday grand jury panels focus on sex crimes and child abuse). The judge, court officer, and various administrators were all quite friendly. I even got to see the county clerk in person. They explained everything and were exceedingly patient. The court officer was quite a card.

Unexpectedly freed before noon, I dropped in at the Monmouth County Historical Association, just down the way from the Courthouse. They have a nice library of local histories and clippings, as well as a museum.

On the way back to the Aberdeen area on Route 79, I happened to notice the Koo Neo-Japanese Asian Restaurant in Marlboro. It sounded interesting but I thought I'd check their reviews. I found a series of recent reviews on Yelp and it sounds pretty good. Looks to have been around since 2008. Any readers been there?

While I was out I got a phone call from Bethany Liquors to pick up a case of Samuel Adams Imperial Stout that I ordered earlier this week. (Tried it last night. Pretty good.) On my way there I picked up some items at Sports Authority. I couldn't help but notice how warm and engaging the staff was. The store is well stocked as it looks to be gearing up for holiday sales. Lots of sales on the floor, too. But the store, like the parking lot, was empty, not unlike the past few times I've been there. Looks like the economy is hitting sporting goods pretty hard. I hope we don't end up with another vacant store on Route 35.

Today is the Jolly Mouse sale to benefit HAM. I hope to have a  look at the crafts before 4 pm.


  1. Serving on the Friday Grand Jury was quite inspiring, actually - if, as a woman and a mother *I wasn't willing to do it, how could I expect anyone else to?

  2. I was totally prepared to serve and actually looked forward to it. Public service, in whatever form, has its rewards.

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