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Sunday, July 12, 2009

News Updates as of 12 July 2009

  • Brookdale sports facilities are getting an upgrade, including a new fitness center and gym at the Collins Arena, according to The Examiner.
  • Route 9 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) could be extended from Old Bridge south to Lakewood, providing improved transportation through Monmouth County, if and when engineering and funding issues can be resolved, according to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. The article might be a fluff piece by state agencies, but it provides some useful background on obstacles to BRT in the region. BRT is a possible alternative to the MOM Line and should be advocated for by Aberdeen-Matawan residents.
  • Heading to the Shore for underage drinking? NJ State's Attorney General has plans for you.
  • Some folks can't imagine there are folks in need in Monmouth County. Mission Matawan certainly had a long list of projects this year. The team spent a full week helping the poor and elderly, and the calls for assistance keep coming in even though the program is over until next year.


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