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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monmouth County to Facilitate Deportation of Criminal Illegal Aliens

Monmouth County is one of eleven communities that have applied to sign on with a new Department of Homeland Security agreement that facilitates the deportation of illegal aliens who commit serious crimes in the US. According to a recent AP article:

Monmouth County, N.J., Sheriff Kim Guadagno, whose department is seeking an agreement, said, "If you are an illegal alien and commit a crime in Monmouth County, you will be identified, turned over to federal authorities and deported if appropriate."

A previous Federal program was halted when it was criticized by the Government Accountability Office. The AP article explains how the new program has been improved:

The revised program now requires local and state law enforcement agencies to first resolve any criminal charges that led to the arrest of the immigrants.

It also creates three priority levels for the immigrants who are to be arrested and detained. Immigrants convicted or arrested of major drug offenses or violent offenses such as murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery or kidnapping are the top priority.

The revamped program creates a consistent standard for state and local agencies and gives law enforcement tools "to identify and remove dangerous criminal aliens," said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

It also establishes a complaint process and requires participating agencies to provide language interpretation, the agency said. All participating officers are bound by federal civil rights regulations and nondiscrimination guidelines.

Philly.com says the agreement was reached on Friday. It adds that immigration rights groups are opposed.

The program has drawn strong opposition from immigrant advocates and divided opinions among law enforcement officials who feel it may undermine trust in immigrant communities where crime is often underreported.

Lest you think Monmouth County is a backwater for immigration matters, check out the story of Tanveer Ahmad, a New York City cabbie who was detained in New York in August 2005 and transferred in shackles to Monmouth County Correctional Institute in Freehold, where he died the next month, according to The New York Times.


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  2. The average American has 1.89 children. The average illegal alien in NJ has 3 kids. It costs an average of $30,000 a year per child for school. They get free medical care. Stop hiring illegal laborers. Do not patronize merchants who hire illegal aliens. Matawan is going bankrupt and will have to raise taxes. Businesses that pay them salary are cheating you and I by not paying sales and usage taxes. Landscapers report on average less than 25K of income yet make over 150K. Other States are cracking down and now they are coming here. We are better off hiring a charter plane for $10K to deport 300 aliens to Mexico. They are driving vehicles with no licenses or insurance. Landlords who rent to illegals are not reporting rent as income. The house on 96 Atlanic Ave in Matawan/Aberdeen has about 8 baby carrieges on the porch. They are filthy and bring the value of your property down. The people who disagree do not pay property taxes. Their children live in deplorable conditions. Oh, by the way, I am a LEGAL naturalized citizen so am not racist.

  3. I'm not sure what about being a naturalized citizen makes you exempt from being a racist. If you simply witness a porch full of baby carriages and conclude the residents must be a bunch of dirty Mexicans, sorry but you are a certifiable bigot. Unless you have checked their documentation yourself, you're making too many assumptions. In the US, we don't send deport people because they don't meet our expectations. Rumors of tougher laws elsewhere are greatly exaggerated. We have one Constitution, to the utter consternation of some people.

    If you feel strongly that we have illegal aliens working in our area, you should file a complaint with the IRS against the contractors you think are violating the labor laws. Take a few discreet photographs when the workers are picked up and where they are working, with a shot or two of the signage on the vehicle for good measure. It would be quite the scandal if a prominent local organization was getting its lawn(s) trimmed cheaply through a subcontractor. You'd be a genuine hero, I'm sure.

    I doubt you have the necessary evidence to report your neighbors to ICE. but if somehow you do, lodge a complaint with the proper authorities and let them do their jobs. You should be damned sure to have adequate evidence, though, or the officers responding might charge you with filing a false report. And your neighbors might sue you.