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Saturday, July 11, 2009

APP Takes Nasty Swipe at MARSD Salary Increases

What villainous spirit has possessed the editors of the Asbury Park Press to cause them to run such a crass editorial against our local school board? It sounds like a hostile Letter to Editor, not a professional editorial by a prominent regional newspaper. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The current editorial is in like tone to their commentary against Helen Rappaport last December. (Which, btw, applauded Mr O'Malley's prowess in saving the district money.) They've obviously forgotten their positive reporting on 1 April 2009 after the recent school budget passed. OMalley was masterful then, saving us beaucoups d'argent. Now it's irresponsible to reward his effort and tout a l'heurs?

I'm not necessarily taking sides on these pay raises, mind you. I would like to better understand the strategy the BOE had in mind or the pressures they were under to provide this level of compensation at this time. If the motivation was to bring salaries into parity with local districts, those criticizing MARSD for trying to keep quality personnel running our school district need only look at the Old Bridge school budget to see that the salary offerings are now comparable. But meeting the baseline compensation package required under contract surely posed no risk of O'Malley going elsewhere in the near term. The BOE could do everyone a favor by providing some sort of explanation of the why behind these salary increases.


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