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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jeremiah E Hourihan Field in Matawan

A sports field next to the Broad Street Community Center on Broad Street near South Street in Matawan was dedicated in 2007 to Jeremiah E Hourihan, a borough employee until his retirement in 1988 and long an active member of the community. (Gannet NJ Retirees in 2007 and Independent) A member of the borough's Shade Tree Commission for about ten years, Jerry was nominated to another five-year term in January 2009. (Independent and Matawan Borough Council Organizational Meeting)

At the age of five, Jerry lived in Matawan as the eldest of five children of Jeremiah P Hourihan and wife Elizabeth. His paternal grandparents were born in the Irish Free State and his maternal grandfather was born in Denmark. (Those with an Ancestry account can click here to see him in the 1930 Federal Census for New Jersey.) According to the Social Security Death Index, Jerry's father was born 17 April 1898 and died in April 1974. His father's last known residence was in Cliffwood.

Jerry made the New York Times in 2003 over a dispute over a neighbor's skateboard halfpipe. He discussed the Matawan train station with the Asbury Park Press in 2007. And the Independent cited him among many Claire Court residents who complained earlier this year at a Borough Council workshop meeting about JCP&L tree trimming.

Jerry's family has also been involved in local public service. His son, Jeremiah Jr, is a retired Aberdeen police officer. And in July 2008, his grandson, Jeremiah III, with eight years service with the Matawan PD , was promoted to sergeant. (Independent)


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