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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Hundred People in Town Don't Know

Aberdeener suggested in his Mid-Year Review the other day that few local citizens could name even half of the 2009 candidates for Aberdeen Town Council. I admit that I didn't remember many of their names, even though I voted in the June 2nd primary election. So I checked out the primary results online and thought I'd post the roster of candidates (and the June primary results, in parentheses) here in this blog. Maybe it will facilitate discussion, either here or in another forum, as we move towards the fall elections.

Mayor (vacated by Democratic incumbent David Sobel)
  • Democrat - Fred Tagliarini (178)
  • Republican - Thomas Alijian (394)
Councilmembers-at-Large (vacated by Democratic incumbents Thomas Perry and Joseph Raymond)
  • Democrats - James V Lauro (195), Margaret M Montone (184)
  • Republicans - Anthony Garaguso (394), Sheila Balavram (377)
Councilmember-at-Large (2 year unexpired term of Fred Tagliarini, who is running for mayor)
  • Democrat - Gregory J Cannon (187)
  • Republican - Michael Vail (400)


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