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Sunday, February 8, 2009

St Clement Parish Website?

What's with the St Clement Parish website? The diocese and Parishes Online both link to the same site, but clicking on that URL gets you automatically forwarded to a company called Crown Moose, which is trying to sell the apparently available domain. Did the church not pay its bill? Heaven forbid.

I found this Flickr site with several interesting photos of St Clements, including the World Trade Center memorial. I've linked the parish to that site for now. Someone let me know if the parish has a new page, if the current page has been hijacked, or if the church site is down.


  1. As of early August 2009, St Clement Parish still has no web page. A member told me that a teenager had set up the earlier site. The basics regarding the church's leadership, phone numbers, and precise location can be found at the diocese site. Pictures of the church, the church's sign, and a monument to local victims of the World Trade Center attack can be found at Flickr.

  2. The link, http://www.parishesonline.com/Scripts/HostedSites/Org.asp?ID=4396 labelled "parishes online" has since been updated to reflect actual web pages for the church.