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Friday, February 13, 2009

Affordable Housing Awaits Testing of Former Industrial Site

$402,000 grant to fund Aberdeen pollution probe

By Jim McConville • KEYPORT BUREAU • February 12, 2009

ABERDEEN — The township has received an estimated $402,000 state grant that is to be used to perform an environmental investigation of the former South River Metal Products site on Church Street.

The check for $402,259 comes from the Municipal Grant Program of the Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund, a program administered by the state Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

The South River Metals building has been vacant for about seven years and was deemed unsafe by code officials for a number of reasons, including a fire at the site.

The township gained ownership of the brownfield site (a developed parcel that might be polluted) through foreclosure because of unpaid taxes. Such sites are designated brownfield sites in an effort to spur cleanup and development of industrial land.

The South River Metal facility was eventually demolished in 2006 when the Township Council approved a $600,000 bond ordinance.

The future land developer, PRC Group of West Long Branch, demolished the factory and the sky bridge attached to it.

The state grant will cover the costs of environmental investigation that will provide data to determine how to clean up contaminants on the site, Aberdeen Township Manager Joseph Criscuolo said.

Soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water sampling and laboratory analysis have been completed. A final report is being prepared for submission to the state DEP this March.

Once that report is approved, PRC Group will file application with the state to receive cleanup funds.

"They'll probably submit for brownfield grant funds," said Criscuolo. "They'll (PRC Group) do that, or we'll do that with them."

Once cleaned up, PRC Group will redevelop this site and an adjoining property into an age-restricted community. Preliminary plans for the 15 acres call for approximately 90 affordable rental apartments and 60 condominiums in several multistory buildings, along with a swimming pool and clubhouse for the complex's residents.

PRC Group will pay for the construction of a community center on the site that would be open to all seniors in Aberdeen.

Source: APP

See also the Aberdeen Township public statement in this regard.


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