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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Report of Two Aberdeen School Board Candidates Prompts Online Brawl

There was an announcement in Sunday's Aberdeener that Liz Loud-Hayward and Joey Warren will run for Matawan-Aberdeen School Board. Others are expected to announce their candidacies in coming weeks. Aberdeen NJ Life encourages a healthy discussion of the issues and a large voter turnout.

Unfortunately, adherents and advocates alike engaged in considerable sniping in the comments section below Mr Warren's announcement. People of all persuasions should check their hostilities at the door and tone down the rhetoric more than a few notches. What's up with this nonsense? This isn't Bosnia or Fallujah. Civil discourse should be a norm of the Aberdeen-Matawan community, especially when it comes to the discussion of our children's education. While they may be earnestly focused on the money and politics associated with that big chunk of change that makes up the school budget, these zealots should consider what their children might learn about civics from their online conduct.


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