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Friday, February 20, 2009

Main Street Village in Matawan

Main Street Village is a popular shopping center at the corner of Main Street and Route 34 in Matawan. We sometimes will play a board game at Starbucks over coffee accompanied by a snack from Abbate's Bakery, followed by a visit to Trattoria Rustica for subs or pizza and sodas. If the ladies dropped in to get their hair done at Rapulzel's Hair Salon & Day Spa while I got a haircut at Tommy's Barber Shop, our visit would be complete.

Last summer, the Bayshore Independent published an article lauding the approval of 21 new business licenses in Matawan, including three start ups at Main Street Village -- The Pottery House, Oxxo Care Cleaners, and the A J Pizzle Restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, Chowhound has useful discussions of local restaurants online. Check out this discussion from last fall regarding a BBQ place that had just opened across from the train station on Main Street. I've found that a Chowhound article with only a couple of replies can provide fairly comprehensive information, unlike many of the other "restaurant review" sites I've seen. I haven't studied the matter in detail, but maybe a number of local residents contribute regularly?


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